Support Irvine Animal Care Center’s Foster Donation Drive

By Ann Frances –

The Irvine Animal Care Center’s annual Foster Donation Drive runs March 1 to March 31. / Photo: Irvine Indy Staff

Remember that feeling when you were a kid and you brought home that abandoned puppy or kitten that you found? It felt good to take in a creature that needed help. Well, now you can help again. By donating much-needed pet supplies to the Irvine Animal Care Center during its annual Foster Donation Drive.

A kitten that is too young to be adopted is cared for in the Irvine Animal Care Center until it can be fostered or adopted. / Photo: Irvine Indy Staff

During the entire month of March the center is accepting donations that support the care of young abandoned animals and those recuperating from an illness or injury. The center is in need of formula, food, kennel supplies and foster supplies that support foster pet parents as they volunteer to care for these animals in need.

According to the center’s community services manager, Mike Cribbin, most of the stray animals that end up at the center are lost or abandoned within the boundaries of the city of Irvine. However, he says, “We sometimes take underage kittens from the L.A. County Shelters.”

Irvine Animal Care Center Community Services Manager Mike Cribbin holds a pet bed that was brought to the center for the Foster Donation Drive. / Photo: Irvine Indy Staff

The Irvine Animal Center’s Foster Program recruits volunteers to open their hearts and homes to provide temporary care for young pets. The supplies donated during the drive help support their efforts.

“The drive enables our fosterers not to have to spend their own money,” Cribbin says. “The drive augments that.”

Of the foster parents, Cribbin says there is an occasional “foster fail,” in which the fosterer falls in love with the animal they care for and ends up adopting it.

Donations can be dropped off the center or mailed in.

Irvine Animal Center

6443 Oak Canyon


Some of the needed supplies include:


• Dog and canned dog food
• Soft dog treats ( Jerky, Pup-Peroni)
• Timothy Hay
• Oxbow Critical Care
• Dry and canned cat food
• Canned Fancy Feast
• Canned Friskies
• Hard treats (Biscuits, Milk Bones)
• Natural Balance dog food rolls
• Gerber’s Stage 2 baby food
• Slow feeders
• Elevated feeders


• Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug toys
• Hard plastic kids pools
• Kong and chew toys
• Hard plastic rabbit toys
• Ping pong and jingle balls
• Food dispensing toys and puzzles
• Cat Dancer toys
• Cardboard cat scratchers
• Upholstered scratching posts
• Buster Cubes
• Cat wand toys
• Toy mice (Fake fur)


• Front clip dog harnesses
• 6’ nylon leashes
• Fleece blankets and bedding
• Clay non-clumping litter
• Feliway sprays and diffusers
• Plastic litter boxes
• 55 gallon trash bags
• Martingale collars
• Hard plastic carriers
• Brushes and flea combs
• 100’ heavy duty hoses
• Newspaper
• Dog and cat nail trimmers
• Pet waste bags


• Exercise pens and toppers
• Nursing bottles and nipples
• Food storage containers
• Kitten and puppy shampoo
• Snuggle puppies and kittens
• Breeders’ Edge milk replacer
• Housebreaking pads
• FortiFlora and Bene-Bac
• Pet grooming wipes
• Towels and soft blankets
• Crates and carriers
• Gallon Ziploc bags
• New spray bottles
• Heating pads
• Digital food scales
• Karo Syrup
• Nutrical
• Miracle Nipples (Mini)

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