Irvine’s confirmed COVID-19 count as of March 29 (1:21 p.m.) stands at 36

By Ann Frances –

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Irvine is among three cities with the highest numbers of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Orange County. As of this posting, Irvine has 36 confirmed cases of coronavirus, the same number as Newport Beach. Anaheim has the highest number of cases in Orange County at 37, according to the O.C. Health Care Agency’s website. 

With Irvine’s population of 280,202, that’s .012847 percent of the population with the virus.  Anaheim’s population is 359,339 so with just one more confirmed case in the city than in Irvine, Anaheim has fewer cases per capita than does Irvine. 

Newport Beach, however, with a population of 87,180 and the same number of cases as Irvine (36) make it the leader in per capita confirmed COVID-19 cases with .04129 percent of its population testing positive for the virus. 

Orange County’s total number of coronavirus cases stands at 403, with four deaths, as of this posting, according to the Orange County Health Care Agency’s website.  

Fifty-eight percent of cases are reported to be in males, with 42 percent in females.  

The age range with most cases is among 45 to 64 year olds (37 percent). Interestingly the number of cases in people ages 65 and up (18 percent) is nearly the same as the number of cases among those ages 25 to 34 (17 percent). 

Cumulative data on the O.C. Health Care Agency’s website shows that the first case of the coronavirus was reported in Orange County on February 1, 2020. The next two cases were not reported until March 2, a full month later. That’s when things changed. 

Here is how the number of cases in Orange County is recorded: 

March 14 8 new cases 

March 16 5new cases 

March 18 12 new cases 

March 20 13 new cases 

March 22 17 new cases 

March 24 25 new cases 

March 25 37 new cases 

March 26 64 new cases 

March 27 70 new cases 

March 28 85 new cases 

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