Irvine has most confirmed coronavirus cases in county

By Ann Frances –

Photo: Burst

Orange County has 656 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 13 deaths, as of April 2, according to the latest update from the Orange County Health Care Agency. Irvine has a total of 65 cases, the largest number of confirmed cases in the county. The cities of Anaheim and Newport Beach each record 60 confirmed coronavirus cases.

Irvine’s per capita confirmation rate is .023 percent, based on its population of 280,202. Anaheim’s per capita confirmed coronavirus cases is .016 percent, based on a population of 359,339. Newport Beach’s per capita confirmed coronavirus cases is .068, based on its population of 87,180.

Countywide, the agency reports, 115 patients are now hospitalized, 17.5 percent of those confirmed to be carrying the virus.

To date, county health officials say, 7,791 people in Orange County have been tested. The number of those confirmed to have the virus, 656, equates to 8.41 percent of people testing positive.

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