Taco Bell’s Irvine headquarters transformed into drive-thru for truckers

By Brian Thomas –

Photo: Courtesy, Taco Bell

When was the last time you saw a big rig negotiate the Disneyland-Autopia-like road that most drive-thru restaurants have? You know, the narrow, curvy path that leads from the order talk box to the pay and pickup window? They are impossible for most truck drivers, today considered essential workers, due to the pandemic. Typically, a stop for lunch requires them to find a place to park, exit their vehicle and then order at the counter inside the restaurant.

Photo: Courtesy, Taco Bell

Taco Bell, in an effort to thank these front line workers who deliver essentials to our homes and stores, on April 24 created a pop-up drive-thru specifically for truck drivers at its Irvine headquarters at 1 Glen Bell Way in Irvine.

Truckers were treated to a free special to-go lunch box that included a Crunchwrap Supreme and a bean burrito and a Baja Blast drink. Cinnamon Twists were included to finish the meal.

The free meals were offered to truck drivers and first responders including firefighters, police officers and others whose vehicles don’t fit through a traditional drive thru.

Taco Bell says it is planning another truck drive-thru during lunch hour (11 a.m. to 2 p.m.) on Friday, May 1.

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