WytCote has COVID-19 antibody test ready; partners with CHOC for study

By Ann Frances –

WytCote seeks FDA approval for COVID-19 antibody test kit / Photo: Courtesy Wytcote

Senior living communities, the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, may soon be able to use a simple blood test to better monitor patients and staff to see if they have had the COVID-19 virus and, as a result, have developed antibodies.

Irvine-based WytCote recently announced the availability of a rapid-result COVID-19 antibody test, targeting senior living facilities and healthcare facilities as those in most need of the information the test results will provide. The company also announced a partnership with Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC).

Frank Gomez, WytCote’s CEO and founder, says, “This pandemic is impacting all our communities and WytCote recognized that gaining access to such testing could play a critical role towards limiting the spread of the virus. We are pleased to be partnering with CHOC Children’s to support the testing and use of this new coronavirus antibody test.”

According to a statement released by WyCote, CHOC will be using the new test to determine if the hospital’s emergency department doctors and staff have developed COVID-19 antibodies after coming in contact with patients.

CHOC’s emergency department medical director, Dr. Terence Sanger, who is overseeing the implementation of the testing, said, “”While COVID-19 antibody screening is in its infancy, CHOC Children’s is pleased to help share data and contribute to this important conversation as the world’s scientific community unites in a race toward universal testing, antiviral treatment, and the development of a vaccine in order to permit a scientifically-based return to normalcy.” 

The serological testing involves a pinprick, taken once during a work shift. The results will be available in as little as three minutes. The study will include testing about 100 people each day, the company says.

WytCote says it has applied for Emergency Use authorization from the FDA, however the test has not yet been reviewed.

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