Irvine-based Cognize creates situational awareness tool for businesses

Cognize technology monitors employees temperatures, social distance and mask wearing, helping employers comply with CDC requirements. / Photo: Courtesy Cognize

By staff

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a mandate that employers create a safe work environment for their employees. From temperature checks to keeping the required six feet of distance between people to the wearing of masks, it’s up to companies to assure compliance for the good of all. For the foreseeable future, the workplace has changed.

Irvine-based Cognize is poised to benefit from the “new normal” with its situational awareness technology. Its People, Health and Safety product helps companies comply with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The company says its multi-sensor technology recognizes when an individual is running a fever, not wearing mask or standing too close to someone else.

Particularly useful in situations in which there are large gatherings, such as college campuses, large corporate campuses and transit centers, Cognize says their platform reduces human error and enables companies to better utilize the resources they have. The artificial intelligence-based product not only monitors what is happening in real time, it also has predictive capabilities that anticipate what may soon occur based on patterns it observes.

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