Temperature device monitors patients remotely, helps COVID-19 assessment



Radius Tº was recently introduced by Masimo to continually monitor patients’ temperatures. / Photo: Courtesy Masimo

By Brian Thomas –

During a global pandemic, when monitoring ones temperature is imperative, a device that continually does the job is well timed. Irvine-based Masimo has introduced a wearable temperature sensor that allows for remote monitoring of a patient by health care staff, even when the patient is at home. Designed to help meet the COVID-19 surge, when hospital beds become scarce, the wearable device allows patients to be continually monitored when in the hospital, at alternate COVID-19 care locations and in home-care situations.

According to the company, Radius Tº, an add-on to the Masimo Safety Net, continuously tracks four important vital signs: oxygen saturation, respiration rate, pulse rate, and now temperature – critical data for assessing the status of patients with suspected or low-acuity COVID-19.

Masimo says its telehealth platform combines with a cloud-based remote data capture platform that is accessible by iOS and Android devices. The continual access to the data provides health care staff decision-making information that determines if intervention is necessary.

The continual monitoring helps prevent user error that occurs when a patient takes their own temperature and records it. Often time a temperature may spike and a patient may not be aware of it. Radius Tº’s data capture can be prompted by a clinician who is not near the patient, expediting the return of data.

Joe Kiani, founder and CEO of Masimo, said, “Masimo SafetyNet has already helped clinicians effectively care for countless patients during the pandemic. With the addition of Radius Tº, Masimo SafetyNet becomes an even more useful tool for remotely managing patients with COVID-19 and many other health concerns.”


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