Amazon’s Scout, first tested in Irvine, now introduced to other walkable cities

Amazon - scout

By Ann Frances –

Chances are that lately you’ve seen more Amazon Prime vans passing through your neighborhood each day. The pandemic has people ordering more online–from household goods to groceries and more. But have you seen Scout, Amazon’s robot?

According to Sean Scott, Amazon’s vice president of Scout, the all-electric delivery device, still in testing, was first field tested in select cities including Irvine. Testing in Irvine began in August of last year. It was previously introduced in Snohomish County, Washington. Now, the company says, the field testing is being expanded into the southeast, including most recently in Atlanta, Georgia and in Franklin, Tennessee.

Still a work in progress, Scout will deliver to specific customers within these test cities. The robotic delivery device is currently being tested in residential neighborhoods where sidewalks are not as crowded as in big cities. Scout, about the size of a typical cooler, is able to navigate through neighborhoods, avoiding pedestrians, pets and other obstacles. Amazon’s Scott says the fleet of “Scouts” deliver products Monday through Friday during daylight hours and, at this point, are accompanied by a Scout Ambassador.

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