Irvine-based Rokform debuts new cases for iPhone 12

Irvine-based Rokform has announced its new iPhone 12 phone cases. / Photo: Courtesy, Rokform

By Brian Thomas –

Apple’s announcement earlier this week about the availability of its newest iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 12, available for pre-order Oct. 16, is good news for those companies that manufacturer phone accessories. Design changes, new plug-in options and the size and shape of cameras require us to purchase new phone cases. Rokform, based in Irvine, has already announced the company is ready to protect your new iPhone 12 with its new phone cases.

“Every fall, without fail, Apple releases its new iPhones. There’s always a mix of changes both big and small to look forward to,” said Rokform Vice President Steve Petyo. “At Rockform, our design process is no different. We’re always updating our case design to reflect the new iPhone body, but we also make functional improvements to strengthen our cases and keep our customers excited about our products.”

According the company, the design of its cases makes protection a priority with locking systems and magnetic technology that enhances the grip on the phone.

The “Rugged” case has a hard outer shell that protects the phone if it’s dropped, coupled with a soft interior material to lessen shock. The “Crystal” is a slimmer version but both exceed military drop-test standards. The company’s website lists the price of each at $49.99

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