Irvine-based Anduril co-founder hosts President Trump for fundraiser

Irvine-based Anduril was co-founded by Palmer Luckey, who hosted a Trump fundraiser today at his Newport Beach home. / Photo: Courtesy Anduril

By Ann Frances ––

Palmer Luckey, who in 2012 founded virtual reality company Oculus in Irvine, and then sold it to Facebook in 2014 for $2 billion (he was just 21 years old), today hosted a fundraiser for President Donald Trump at his home on Lido Island in Newport Beach.

Currently co-founder of Irvine-based Anduril, a defense technology company specializing in terrain surveillance, with contracts with multiple branches of the U.S. military, Luckey is a strong supporter of the Republican party. The Long Beach native is reported to have donated $400,000 to the Trump campaign, according to the Federal Election Commission website.

The L.A. Times reported that this afternoon more than 1,000 people lined the streets in Newport Beach, waiting to catch a glimpse of the motorcade headed from John Wayne Airport to Luckey’s Lido Island home. The price of admission to the fundraiser? Up to $150,000 per couple.

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