Santiago Canyon fire forces evacuations north of Irvine Blvd.

Silverado Fire as seen from Alton Parkway and Portola (4:30 p.m.)

By Ann Frances ––

Update Nov. 1; 12:13 p.m.

According to Cal Fire, the updated burn area now stands at 12,466 acres (note the reduction in acres from the previous update on Oct. 29). The fire is now 82 percent contained.

Update Oct. 29; 2:57 p.m.

According to Cal Fire, the burn area now stands at 13,390 acres. It is 40 percent contained. All evacuation orders and warnings have been lifted.

The following road closures remain in place.

SB 241 at HWY 91NB

261 at Irvine Blvd.NB

133 at I-5

Santiago County at Hwy 241

Update Oct. 27; 9:00 a.m.

The size of the Silverado Fire now stands at 11,199 acres. It is 5 percent contained.

Update Oct. 26; 5:00 p.m.:

The size of the Silverado Fire now stands at 7,200 acres. Zero percent containment.

Update Oct. 26; 2:43 p.m.:

Cal Fire at 1:43 p.m. updated the status of the Silverado Fire. The fire now stands at 4,000 acres and is zero percent contained. The Orange County Fire Authority PIO reports that two fire fighters have been critically injured. Both are covered in second- and third-degree burns. They are age 26 and 31. The two are now being treated at the O.C. Global Medical Center on Tustin Avenue in Santa Ana.

Update Oct. 26; 11:58 a.m.:

The Silverado Fire is now at 4,000 acres and zero percent contained.Cal Fire is now confirming the Silverado Fire is at 2,000 acres and zero percent contained. Mayor Christina Shea told KNX1070 radio that two properties in Irvine were burning. Shea said the report came from Irvine Councilmember Melissa Fox who was herself evacuating from the Portola Hills area. Shea also said the city is preparing to declare a local emergency which would allow the city to claim federal disaster relief funding. The mayor also said that several of the evacuation centers are now full and the city is working with community partners to locate more space for evacuation centers.

As Santa Ana winds blast through the canyons north of Irvine, a fire that began this morning just before 7 a.m. has now forced the mandatory evacuation of some 60,000 people in homes, businesses and schools north of Irvine Boulevard. The early morning 10-acre Silverado Fire is now reported to be at 500 acres and zero percent contained, according to Cal Fire (at 11:10 a.m.). The fire’s location is centered at Santiago Canyon Road and Silverado Canyon Road, southwest of Silverado. Five hundred firefighters are currently battling the blaze. No air support is currently possible due to the high winds.

Evacuation Map for Silverado Fire (as of 10:57 a.m. 10.26.2020 / Map courtesy City of Irvine

Evacuation Centers are located:

University Community Center : FULL
1 Beech Tree Lane
Irvine, CA 92612

Quail Hill Community Center
39 Shady Canyon Drive 
Irvine, CA 92603

Los Olivos Community Center
101 Alfonso Drive, 91618

Harvard Community Center
14701 Harvard, 92606

Rancho Senior Center
3 Ethel Coplen Way, 92612

Las Lomas Community Center
10 Federation Way

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